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Dr. SHRIVASTAV B. S. A. M. MUM, Dr.GUPTA B. Sc., B. A. M. S.

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Hello, this is Dr.DEEPAK R. SHRIVASTAV and Well come to official website of "SHIV SHAKTI PILES CLINIC" in New Panvel, NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA.

We have been running this clinic in KELVANE [PANVEL] since last 10 years from 2000 to 2010. In 10 years, we had solve numerous problems of Piles, Fissure, Fistula patients and had taken knowledge and experience. We shifted the clinic from KELVANE to NEW PANVEL in 2010. Since 2010 we had solve more than 2000 successful rectal diseases patients.

Since last 6 years of our endeavour more than Two Thousands of piles patients with aliments have walked out with satisfaction. They ensure that Dr. Deepak R. Shrivastav’s SHIV SHAKTI PILES CLINIC as a very effective and trust worth name in alternative medicines.


Definition of Ayurveda (Sanskrit Ayurveda, "Life Knowledge", English Pronunciation /'veda).

1. The advancement of medical science has saved the human kind from diseases and death, but modern science could not give its final verdicts, So far as diseases are concerned. The modern school of medicines is persistently changing their medicines. It has been proved that this drug, though can give relief to the human system in return produces violent side effect, damages to the organs. Permanent functional and structural disorders, which are called, drug disease or iatrogenic disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already banned a number of drugs, there were in regular practice. This situation has compelled the scientists of the whole world to think seriously about all alternative ways which would be non-force, non-toxic, non-harmful & free from any side effects. These circumstances have recalled the use of herbal drug and the drugs that are obtained from natural sources and hardly and artificial or synthetic drug.

2. As the human kinds are complete natural products. It is use to administer priority to the alone mentioned facts; this clinic is dedicated entirely to the research of alternative system of medicines, that are non-toxic to human kind.

3. The term alternative medicines can be defined as "A heterogeneous set of practices that are offered as an alternative to conventional medicines for prevention of health and diagnosis and treatment of health related problem"

4. In general terms, alternative therapy refers to all those modalities and techniques of healthcare, which are not provided by the conventional allopathic practitioner and outside the purview of western medicines.

5. There are more than 100 systems of alternative medicines, which are not still in vogue all over the world. Some of the very popular systems are Ayurveda, Indo-Allopathy, and Electro- Homoeopathy, Biochemical, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Aqua pressure.

6. yoga, Magneto therapy, Batch Flower Remedies, Gem and tele therapy, Aroma Therapy Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Music Therapy, Oriental Diagnosis and Therapy etc.

1. In alternative therapy, medicines and treatment easily affordable.

2. It has no side effects, unlike allopathic medicines and treatment.

3. Alternative medicines are simple to prescribe.

4. Remedies are based on natural ingredients, therapy advocating a drugless cure.

Proctitis or Fleeting anal spasms (Proctalgia fugax) : Proctalgia fugax is a condition associated with fleeting rectal pain and occurs in 75% of Indian. This disorder occurs more commonly in women and any age. 15% people suffering from haemorrhoid and related diseases, 5%and 3% are Malnutrition and sexually transmitted infections respectively. Although the exact 2%cause of the pain is not known, many doctors believe spasm of the anal sphincter muscle is the responsible factor.

Levator ani syndrome : Levator ani syndrome affects 6% of the IND population and occurs in women slightly more often than in men. The term levator ani refers a group of muscles that surround and support the anus. Spasm of these muscles is believed to cause rectal pain.

1. Kshar Sutra Treatment was start from1500 BC in India. “KSHAR + SUTRA” is a Sanskrit phrase in which (KSHAR) refers to anything that is corrosive or caustic, while sutra means a thread. This is the method o treatment of Nadi Varna (sinus), Bhagendra

2. Fistula in ano and abrade (extensions small benign tumour) which was first describe by the “FATHER OF SURGERY” SUSHRUTA in his text named SUSHRUT which is ancient Ayurvedic scientist i.e. “AACHARYA”. He after referring his three texts of Ayurvedic mention

3. The use of Kshar Sutra is no description of the preparation properly. It was chakrapani in late eleventh century in his book chakradata first mentioned the arsh (Haemorrhoids). In his book chakradutta explains the method that by smearing a Sutra (thread) repeatedly in the latex snuhi ? Haridra (turmeric) powder make the Kshar Sutra. Many authors also mention the same method but because of brevity of preparation and inadequate explanation of procedure of application. It lost its propurity among Ayurvedic Surgeons.

4. Later in rasatarangini a letter preparation procedure was introduced still the credit of making practically in use goes to prof. P. J. Deshpandey. Now we are in the 21th century, it is time to give to the world’s humanity thoroughly created practically qualitative work about various Ayurvedic methods of treatment. It is meter proud the Kshar Sutra is become more and more popular in all over world.

This method is generally medicated through a kshar sutra and its applied through the fistula track with the help of special thread that need to changed weekly. But DR.DEEPAK R.SHRIVASTAV by his gained experience and knowledge use normal thread rather than Kshar sutra special thread and apply special medicines ( made by us ) regularly on thread inside the fistula track so it opens without changing the thread weekly. A few surgeons who are aware suggests this KSHAR SUTRA treatment to their patients.

We had solved all type of Ano Rectal diseases successfully by our own special medicines and our techniques respectively.

1. No damage to anal sphicter and chances of incontinence is practically NILL

2. Cost effective very low cost treatment as compare to surgery.

3. Full Ayurvedic management associated medicines for internal and external use of many benefits.

4. It is very safe in patients who are otherwise who are not surgery e.g. diabetic, cardiac patients, hypertensive elderly and weak patients.

5. No antibiotic coverage required.

6. It is an ambulatory procedure, no hospitalization required.

7. Only local topical anesthesia required.

8. Performed minor OT condition.

9. It is simple safe and sure treatment for Fistula, Hemorrhoids.

10. Recurrence is negligible.

11. It is simple minimum convasive surgical technique.

12. Kshar Sutra is chemical Fistulectomy rather them surgical Fistulectomy.

13. Minimum scar formation at the wound site.

In this system is done through the Application of 5 natural forces called “PanchFatvas”, Naturopathy brings together various natural healing therapies such as homoeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and oriental medicines, massage therapy and hydrotherapy for the treatment of all types of illness. Naturopaths encourage the patient to take an active part in the healing process through recommended adjustment, in life style, diet and exercise and in maintaining the body natural state of balance. This system is well established now a day and universally practiced.

This is the most ancient and simplest Chinese system of curing various diseases caused mainly due to the imbalance of yin (negative) yang (positive) forces in the body. The treatment is done by applying figure pressures of the occupoints by which the yin yang forced the balance.

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